My Story.

Jade Kendle also known as "LipsticknCurls" on many of her platforms is a Beauty & Media Personality based in Portland, OR. As a lover of all things beauty, Jade has grown a large following by providing genuine and high quality beauty content with a purpose. Jade received both a Bachelor of Science in Development and Family Studies and a Master of Education in Education Policy and Leadership - Higher Education. Her scholarly background allows Jade to not only create beautiful looks, but also educate her audience on concepts like self-esteem, confidence, perseverance, and self-authorship. Jade enjoys combining her two passions, education and beauty, to show others that being yourself is POWER!

The Emergence of "LipsticknCurls"

While in college, Jade began her journey as “LipsticknCurls” on YouTube. After realizing her ability to connect with women and young girls, she began hosting events including her nation-wide tour "Curls Over Brunch" which focused on empowering women to embrace their natural hair. Selling out in seven cities, this catapulted Jade's career and since attracted an audience of over 400,000. Jade is best known for her honest beauty reviews, makeup and hair tutorials and genuine personality. Jade continues to bring a unique perspective to the beauty space with her background in education and passion for helping those near and far to see themselves as beautiful.

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